Sigma DP3 Merrill Linksammlung: Reviews, User-Berichte, Beispielbilder, Videos


Wie damals, als das 35mm f1.4 vorgestellt wurde, kämpfe ich wieder mit meiner „Sucht“. Aus dem 35er ist nichts geworden, ich konnte gerade noch so wiederstehen. Derzeit überlege ich aber das 24-70 f2.8, welches irgendwie kaum zum Einsatz kommt, zu verkaufen und mir eine Sigma DP3M zu holen. Dank dem Cashback auf Merrills hätte wohl auch das Sparschweinchen nichts dagegen. Besonders die Beispielbilder machen es mir schwer. 🙂



„There is a lot more to say about this camera but I think you get where I’m coming from. As with the DP2 Merrill, the DP3 Merrill is a little gem, with improved firmware. For some, 75mm equivalent may be a little long to be really steady, so I recommend either a very light tripod or a light monopod. I recommend using a filter too; the lens is worth it and all the above photos are done with a UV Heliopan  SH-PMC. For anyone who might use it with a view finder, there is for now only one alternative: the Voigtländer 75mm.”

“I was wrong–for the moment. I bashed the DP3 quite a bit in the initial news post; but it deserved to be played with. I walked away quite impressed with the DP3 and I may even be able to get used to shooting at 75mm. It’s a weird focal length though: too long to be normal and too short to be a proper portrait focal length in my opinion.

The build quality of the camera is what truly blew me away though; and that may also help to justify its high price tag.

This is going to be an interesting camera to see develop in the next coming months though because the big sensor point and shoot game is going to heat up quite a bit. You’ll just need to buckle up and stick along for the ride.”

“The Sigma DP3 Merrill packs a 46-megapixel Foveon image sensor and a fixed 75mm macro lens. It can capture amazing photos, but it’s not a camera that will appeal to the masses.”

“I found the colour depth to be quite outstanding; sharpness was also excellent…Without doubt, a high level camera but the ISO problem is a serious deterrent for me.”

“That initially high price of £799 / $999 certainly looks more palatable when viewing the DP3 Merrill’s sample images up close. Perhaps better suited to macro shots rather than portrait photography because of the slow auto-focusing system, the Sigma DP3 Merrill is once again a poor camera but an excellent image-making device that just about deserves our Recommended award.”

“Overall, this is a great camera for a patient photographer who loves fine art images. Portrait photographers who work in a studio may also be interested in the DP lineup due to it’s leaf shutter and excellent image quality. It also stands to reason that the DP3 Merrill may also bode well with an up-and-coming group of photographers who have a love of compact, large sensor, fixed-lens cameras. In that case, the DP3 can hold it’s head high and brag about it’s exemplary image quality and optically excellent lens.”

“This is a camera by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. But even among that small group of qualified users, the DP3M (and its siblings) will be divisive. There are other options in the large-sensor, fixed-lens game—such as the new Fujifilm X100S and the Leica X2—that provide a more seamless user experience without some of the more annoying quirks. But none of them offers a Foveon sensor, or a 75mm-equivalent lens.”


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Eugene Fratkin


Offizielle Beispielbilder von Sigma

Digitalbear auf Flickr

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Auf in Farbe

Auf in SW

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