Sigma 60mm f/2.8 Linksammlung: Reviews, Beispielbilder, Threads, Videos


Laut manchen Foren-Besuchern seien Sigma-Objektive für NEX und mFT ein Nebenprodukt der DP Merrill Entwicklung. Bei den 19mm f/2.8 und 30mm f/2.8 könnte man sich das noch vorstellen, wobei die Glas-Elemente anders angeordnet sind. Beim 60mm f/2.8 (soll mit dem 50mm f/2.8 der DP3M vergleichbar sein) sieht es weniger wahrscheinlich aus. Trotzdem habe ich mir jede Menge Reviews und Bilder des 60ers angeschaut und die Fotos mit denen meiner DP3M verglichen. In meinen Augen sind das zwei gänzlich unterschiedliche Optiken. Als Beiprodukt dieser kleinen „Untersuchung“, um meine Neugierde zu stillen, ist diese Linksammlung entstanden. Vielleicht findet es der eine oder andere Mirrorless-Nutzer interessant. 🙂



„The Sigma AF 60mm f/2.8 DN may be an unambitious design but this is not a bad thing since the comparatively slow max. aperture (for a tele prime lens) keeps optical obstacles to a minimum. Consequently the lens is capable of delivering ultra-sharp results – at least in the image center. The outer image region is very good at f/2.8 and even excellent around f/5.6. The lateral CAs are well controlled which contributes to the high sharpness perception. Distortions are usually nothing to worry about whereas vignetting is a bit high at fully open aperture. You may also spot a little bit of purple fringing here in extreme contrast situations. The bokeh is generally pretty good although the out-of-focus highlight discs can show onion-like substructure.

As far as the build quality is concerned – it is surprisingly good given the low price tag although admittedly we would prefer the old EX DN design with its rubberized focus ring. Thanks to an internal AF the physical length remains constant and the manual focus action feels smooth and without wobbling whatsoever. Sigma’s new linear AF motor is moderately fast but almost silent.”

„Based on these images you would think that the Sigma 60mm Art lens was made for the Nex 7. Well it was made for APS-C sensors on Sony and Fuji so that’s close enough. The lens I was given to test had a silver finish which I’m not a big fan of and the focusing ring on the lens barrel was large but it’s smooth so it feels different when manually focusing. Fly-by-wire design lenses don’t have the same dampening feel that is usually associated with quality glass but it’s that technology that gives us excellent and inexpensive autofocus so I can live with it. The reality is that I wouldn’t use the Sigma 60 in manual focus very often so it’s not going to be an issue for me and I’ll order the black version when it ships – problems solved. This lens gives me the telephoto focal length I was looking for with really good autofocus, excellent image quality and a convenient size that matches the Nex 7 nicely. I can’t believe you get all that for $239.“

“Fazit: Ganz klare Kaufempfehlung.”

„Whether this lens is fitted to A Sony NEX, or Micro Four Thirds camera, the telephoto focal length and fast f/2.8 maximum aperture make this optic a perfectly good lens for portraiture for not a lot of money.

Even though this lens is reasonably inexpensive, Sigma haven’t skimped on build or optical quality. It is capable of delivering pin-sharp results from maximum aperture and it is built well enough to be a worthy investment for many years to come.”

“Looks like Sigma has done it again. Overall, the Sigma 60mm f/2.8 DN turned out to be a great lens, especially considering the price. It’s a budget-friendly lens for those looking to shoot at longer focusing distances but don’t want to splurge on any of the more expensive options available. For the Sony E-Mount a good prime lens in this focal length is hard to find outside of zooms, so for now this may be your best option. Just know the build quality isn’t the best and sharpness may need to be improved in post.  However, that doesn’t prevent me from recommending it. Portrait, street, and event photographers will love it and I could see myself using it for my studio work.  If you’re looking for a great telephoto in the Sony E-Mount, then this is the one you’ve been waiting for.”

“Sigma delivers another optically great, and very affordable lens for NEX and MFT users, with similar performance to the Sigma 19mm that I like so much.  The Sigma 60mm F/2.8 delivers outstanding results across the frame at F/5.6, and would be a nice low light lens for night time street shooters needing F/2.8.

Additional qualities include; excellent control of color fringing, and no problems with coma, nor would I expect any in this lens.  Build quality is very good, as well as focusing accuracy; at least on my camera; it’s also very compact and light-weight.  Minor disappointments include flare and ghosting control, and no optical stabilization; so big deal, you can’t have it all for pocket change, right?

The focal length of 60mm is not the most useful in my opinion, unless you’re looking for an inexpensive portrait lens.  However, people wanting to make multi-frame panoramas will love this lens, because you’re only going to be stitching the very best centers and middles of each individual image, leaving you with one gigantic tack sharp image.

The Sigma 60mm F/2.8 DN delivers a lot of bang for the buck, and I highly recommend it for those on a budget looking for this focal length.”

“This lens is excellent. Minimal issues, really sharp. Bokeh can be harsh in just a few situations, especially in certain foliage, really good for class though. The value is excellent. I would buy this lens over the Sony 50mm f/1.8 unless you want OIS, PDAF focus support, or just want the Sony name. This lens has better sharpness and CA characteristics. Depth of field won’t be that different at the same focal distance, but the Sony will have a wider field of view. Focus speed is similar to the Sony 50mm, which is to say it is pretty slow.”

“In my impression, the new Sigma 60 mm is an outstanding lens, the best in the line of Sigma’s lenses for the NEX.”


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